Setting Post-Proxy-Type ??

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Jun 9 18:39:56 CEST 2008

Mustapha Bouikhif wrote:
> I am having problemes getting  Post-Proxy-Type  to work in FreeRadius (FR);
> I did tests with FR v2.0.3 and FR v2.0.5 after update without success;
> Here is what i want to do:
> Use attr_rewrite to write some attributes (those for setting VLAN) in
> proxy replies received from the home server. So I had defined 3 sections
> for attr_rewrite in radiusd.conf:
> post-proxy {
>       Post-Proxy-Type post.proxy.dr4 {

  Why are you using a Post-Proxy-Type here?

> The uses file looks like:
> DEFAULT                Huntgroup-Name == "Nomade_Eduroam", Realm ==
> "DEFAULT", Post-Proxy-Type := post.proxy.dr4

  I don't think setting the Post-Proxy-Type here works the way you want.
 You should probably just use virtual servers, instead.  Set the virtual
server for the realm.  See "proxy.conf".

> In proxy.conf file, I have set: post_proxy_authorize = yes

  Don't.  It doesn't work.

> When I started radiusd (in debug mode), it tells me : Parse error
> (check) for entry DEFAULT: Unknown value for post.proxy.dr4 for
> attribute Post-Proxy-Type
> I don't know what i am doing wrong ?

  Use virtual servers.  They're a lot easier.

  Alan DeKok.

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