Multiple BaseDN's - How Do I Do This?

Rob VanDusen rvanduse at
Thu May 8 19:57:50 CEST 2008

I'm very new to both Linux and FreeRadius, so please excuse me if this is too easy a question. After a couple weeks of fighting, reading, testing and reconfiguring - I finally managed to get FreeRadius 2.x working with my Novell eDirectory. Right now my eDir tree is made up of 6 "O's" - one for each building in the organization. It looks something like this:

My current config will check via LDAP against a NetWare box and authorize anyone in the ESB container - but I can't get it to look at any of the other containers. I tried doing multiple instances of the LDAP module - but that resulted in the server not authorizing anyone. How would I set this up so I can add the other O's as Base DN's? I'd really appreciate any instructions that a slightly dim bulb could follow.


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