stripping domain from username (for wifi authentication on Windows XP)

Ryan Pugatch pugatch at
Tue May 13 16:31:16 CEST 2008

Hello everyone,

I am using freeradius to have my wifi network use my LDAP credentials for 
authentication.  However, Windows has this glorious default setting that 
automatically passes the domain username and password to the radius server 
to authenticate for wifi access.  While I can easily uncheck a box to make 
that behavior not happen, it would be great if I could just have radius 
accept those credentials.  The windows domain and radius both use the same 
LDAP directory.  The only issue is Windows sends the username as 
DOMAIN\\username.  Is it possible to have freeradius ignore the DOMAIN\\ 
part of the username?

Thanks in advance.

Ryan Pugatch

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