Can i have a group of roles

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Lets say i have the following roles:
1. admin
2. tech
3. student
4. simple
Group - is a collection of roles.
Group1 = role (admin,student)
User has group, for example user1 have group2.
Is it make sense to build authorization is this way or to prefer to define roles without group and then i need to define for each user all the roles that he has (in this way if i have common combination of roles i will need to define all of them again and again for each user that use them).
Thank you

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>I am new to Radiues.

Make an effort to spell the word correctly.

>I need the user to have group. The group is group of roles?
>Can i do this or i need to define the roles in a "flat way" (i mean that i need to define all roles).
>Does someone has an example?

Do you have an example of what you want to do? You want the same user to
have different login credentials ... for what?

Ivan Kalik
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