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Jesse Stone jstone1999 at
Sat Sep 6 01:24:40 CEST 2008

Hi All,

I am new to this mailing list and am about to ask a probably very silly
question.  Please feel free to direct me to resources that'll help me answer

I want to setup the following:

Gateway [server1]
       -  nic1 = Internet
       -  nic2 = DMZ [server2]
       -  nic3 = Router w/ Wireless -> App Server [Server3] (FREERADIUS
SERVER HERE) -> Local Lan

I read a lot about both Freeradius and LDAP and cannot determine if either
can accomplish my goals.

What I want is:

1)  1 central place where all user authenication takes place:   SSH, Shell
Access, Samba, OpenVPN, Mumble, Any other app that requires user
2)  This information stored in a SQL type database so that I can build my
own custom apps to report on user usage, performance ect.
3)  My router has wireless and I have enabled the security features.  I
would still like authenication to take place before a wireless user is
allowed on the network.

For example,

Currently, I have this: Router w/ Wireless -> App Server [Server3] + Local

I want this: Router w/ Wireless -> App Server [Server3] -> Local Lan

Is Freeradius the best approach for my needs?  Do I need anything else?

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