Fall-Through attribute, reply or configure item?

tnt at kalik.net tnt at kalik.net
Mon Feb 16 23:36:31 CET 2009

>I'm reading the documentation of freeradius 2.1.3 (I've not gone through
>it all yet) and I find that "Fall-Through = Yes" is always specified as a
>reply attribute.
>But it isn't a real reply attribute isn't it? It's more of a configure
>attribute like Cleartext-Password, right? So it should be used in a
>check line with := (or radcheck DB table).
>I understand that changing this will probably mean to much work for FR
>administrators, I'm only asking to make things clearer to me.
>is there a list of the special configure attributes that freeradius
>works with?

All the answers are in the freeradius.internal dictionary.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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