Freeradius 2.0.5 Split Accountancy Logs

Clare Scally clare.scally at
Fri Jan 16 12:05:42 CET 2009



I'm looking for help with the following.

The brief is to setup freeradius 2.0.5 on freebsd 6.2.

The requirements are for accounting and authentication for 1 monitoring user
via a .dbm file, as all other users are authenticated on a different server.

We are required to log accounting data in a flat file, rather than a
database, and this data needs to be logged according to Realm.  I have
setup, as per the Acct_Type documentation, but the logging is failing with
the 'No response' from server message.  The debug displays the ticket and
the following.

Finished request 7.

Cleaning up request 7 ID 57 with timestamp +24

Going to the next request

Ready to process requests.

rad_recv: Accounting-Request packet from host port 37790, id=57,


If I change it back to log all data to one file it logs with no issues to
that file.

It doesn't appear to be reading the 'files' section of the radiusd.conf so I
thought that it should be referenced in the accounting section but I cant
find the correct syntax anywhere and the syntax I have made an educated
guess at, has not been correct.


I hope you can assist and thanks in advance,






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