Static Proxy Accounting

tnt at tnt at
Mon Jan 19 15:57:50 CET 2009

>> Since we started using buffered accounting there is an open session now
>> and then. Before, when we wrote directly to sql, no packets were lost,
>> so I have to assume it is coming from radrelay.
>  Weird.

Oh, it was happening much more often in testing. Often enough for me to
notice. I would place a packet in detail and start the server in debug
mode. It would poll the detail and - nothing. Check detail - empty; - empty. Just wanished! It would just happen from time to
time. I would think that I must have forgotten to write the packet to
detail but it looks like my mind is not such a sieve. Still, I think
it's likely that the problem is with my equipment.

Wierd indeed.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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