help with freeradius + winxp

A.L.M.Buxey at A.L.M.Buxey at
Mon Jan 19 15:00:51 CET 2009

> On Mon, 2009-01-19 at 13:26 +0100, tnt at wrote:
> > Server didn't build with OpenSSL support. Fix that if you want to use
> > peap.
> Ivan,
> Thanks for getting back and help, I appreciate that.
> I've checked if I have openssl:
> root at radius:/# dpkg -l | grep ssl
> ii  libssl0.9.8, 0.9.8g-4ubuntu3.3, SSL shared libraries
> it appears I do... I've also checked radius ./configure --help, it says
> that openssl is configured by default, there are 2 more options however:
>   --with-openssl-includes=DIR      Directory to look for OpenSSL include
> files
>   --with-openssl-libraries=DIR     Directory to look for OpenSSL library
> files
> do I need to specify where are openssl includes and libraries? Or do I
> need "full" version of openssl?

as Alan has said - you need the libssl-dev package (development package)
so that ./configure will find the includes (they come as part of the
dev package) and be able to build and link the SSL support. it will
then 'just work'(tm) if you are using plain passwords with PEAP (and
have the certificate made (read eap.conf) and put onto the PCs


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