freeRADIUS does not "find" openssl

rosect190 at rosect190 at
Wed Jan 21 03:33:50 CET 2009

I have a problem with freeRADIUS version 2.1.3.

I have openssl installed in /usr/local/ssl. To build the freeRADIUS server, I used this command:
./configure --with-openssl-include=/usr/local/ssl/include--with-openssl-libraries=/usr/local/ssl/lib

However, the freeRADIUS just does not see the openssl and reports this:
1. configure: skipping test for openssl/ssl.h  -- why skip? Because it was told?

2. checking for OpenSSL support ... no

What configuration did I miss such that the server did does not see the openssl? Thanks.

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