Alvarion BreezeMax BTS - Service provisioning?

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Jul 9 09:41:17 CEST 2009

Ben Wiechman wrote:
> It's really their ASN-GW that deviates... a bit... from the standard. And
> the fact that they have a strange attitude toward IOT. We asked and were
> essentially told that the FR team would have to come crawling to Tel Aviv on
> their bellies and beg for the chance to be forced to pay for IOT testing.

  Strange.  The other ASN-GW manufacturers were quite happy to talk to
us about interoperability testing.

  I think it's the difference between mindset and reality.  The other
vendors want sales, and make sure that their equipment works with every
AAA server.  They don't care that the market-leading AAA server is
GPL'd, so long as they can sell their commercial gateways.

  Alvarion seems to believe that a GPL'd AAA server isn't relevant, even
when it has the largest market share.  They don't care about people
publicly discussing how bad their support is, or how their equipment is
broken, and doesn't follow the WiMAX specs.

> Helpfully pointing out that IOT testing would be a non-issue if the
> established standard was followed wasn't met with much of a response.  


  At this point, it's difficult to recommend Alvarion for anything.
Even ignoring the interop issues, they've made it clear that they're not
interested in supporting the customers who purchased their equipment.

  Alan DeKok.

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