rlm_perl problems]

Igor Smitran sigor at blic.net
Fri Jul 24 19:12:56 CEST 2009

Ivan Kalik wrote:
>> It ends with freeradius crashing. If i disable all other perl calls and
>> leave only dummy.pl works with no problems. Same goes for other way
>> around. Basicaly, any combination that involves only one perl script
>> works without any problems. If i use two perl scripts in any combination
>> freeradius crashes.
> Let me see if I understand well: you can run multiple perl module
> instances as long as they execute same script; if different instances run
> different scripts - freeradius crashes!
> I will try to emulate this tonight. I haven't tried this scenario. But I
> can run perl + radcheck (also perl script, but not called through perl
> module) without problems.
Yes, i can define multiple perl instances as long as they call same perl
script. It looks like two different perl scripts cannot coexist in
memory at the same time. Workaround for now is to have one perl script
active and through func_* definitions have different functions called
and do tasks needed, like i stated in one of my examples earlier in this

P.S. chekrad works for me too, i use it for simultaneous-use. I was
trying to use unlang as much as possible, but there are two tasks left
that i need perl for.

Thank you,

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