Building a test tool

Tim Sylvester tim.sylvester at
Mon Jun 1 20:34:19 CEST 2009

Use the radclient tool. You can create test files that have the attributes
for the radius packets and feed them to radclient.

       radclient - send packets to a RADIUS server, show reply

       radclient  [-d raddb_directory] [-c count] [-f file] [-i id] [-n
       [-p num_requests_in_parallel] [-r num_retries] [-s] [-S
shared_secret_file] [-t  timeout]
       [-qvx] server {acct|auth|status|disconnect|auto} secret

       radclient  is  a  radius client program. It can send arbitrary radius
packets to a radius
       server, then shows the reply. It can be used to test changes you made
in  the  configura-
       tion of the radius server, or it can be used to monitor if a radius
server is up.

       radclient reads radius attribute/value pairs from it standard input,
or from a file spec-
       ified on the command line. It then encodes these attribute/value
pairs using the  dictio-
       nary, and sends them to the remote server.

       The  User-Password  and  CHAP-Password  attributes are automatically
encrypted before the
       packet is sent to the server.


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> Subject: Building a test tool
> Hello folks,
> I'm new to Free Radius and would like to use it to build a test tool
> for
> testing a AAA server.
> I'd like the test tool to simulate (say) 10 network elements that talk
> to a AAA server
> - using threads on different ports that are controlled by the main
> thread.
> Some of these will initiate traffic to the AAA server (like the one
> simulating the PDSN).
> Others will receive traffic and talk back to the AAA server (like the
> one simulating the Pre-paid Server).
> I'm sure I'm not going to find something like this in the wild. So I'm
> planning to write code to do the above.
> I was wondering if there are bits of code that I can shamelessly pilfer
> from or use as a starting point.
> Any tips are plenty welcome...
> Thanks in advance to all,
> -Vinit
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