Building a test tool

Vinit Karandikar vinit at
Mon Jun 1 20:25:22 CEST 2009

Hello folks,

I'm new to Free Radius and would like to use it to build a test tool for 
testing a AAA server.

I'd like the test tool to simulate (say) 10 network elements that talk 
to a AAA server
- using threads on different ports that are controlled by the main thread.

Some of these will initiate traffic to the AAA server (like the one 
simulating the PDSN).
Others will receive traffic and talk back to the AAA server (like the 
one simulating the Pre-paid Server).

I'm sure I'm not going to find something like this in the wild. So I'm 
planning to write code to do the above.

I was wondering if there are bits of code that I can shamelessly pilfer 
from or use as a starting point.

Any tips are plenty welcome...

Thanks in advance to all,

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