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Hi Mike

Thanks you save what hair i have left. I read the document and i thought it said to put it in radcheck and radreply. Some times it take a fresh set of eyes. Thanks for your help.

Thank You.Andrew Paternoster,

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Hi List

Sorry if this is a simple problem i have been pulling my hair out for 3 days. I running Freeradius 2.1.6 and its all working great. Ecept for my users that are members of 2 groups. I have been reading on the net and it looks like it can be done but for the life of me i can not get it to work The only grop that applies is the lowest priorty. The system just seems to ingor the rest of the list. The strange this is that if i run the SQL querys it looks like it pulling the right data back but not adding each attibute to the logon only the first one. I have moved the prioritys around and it works will all of them but only one at a time and only the lowest priority.

Are you using the Fall-Through attribute in your radgroupcheck and radgroupreply tables? If not, only attributes for the highest priority (first) group are applied:

Mike Loosbrock
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