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Charles Gregory cgregory at
Sat Jun 6 16:02:19 CEST 2009

Hello all!

On Fri, 5 Jun 2009, Tim Sylvester wrote:
> You should use the latest version of FreeRADIUS...

Not picking on Tim or freeradius in particular, but when I post to various 
lists looking for advice on various pieces of software, I often run into 
the advice to upgrade to the latest version, instead of sticking with the 
default version that comes with CentOS. It makes sense. Sometimes the 
desired feature or solution to a bug is in the newer version.

BUT I have a question then: As per the FAQ's, if there is a critical bug 
in my CentOS version of software, it will still be patched ('back 
ported'), and it will get automatically updated by running the 'yum 
update' function. So, if I manually upgrade to the latest (just for 
example) freeradius, then will yum continue to update this new software 
with patches and bug fixes? My first feeling is that the answer is 'no' - 
once I install the new version I will thereafter be responsible for 
manually keeping 'watch' for bug fixes and updates.

So unless I'm wrong, and yum can/will track updates on a new version of 
software, then it makes more sense to stay with the 'supported' version, 
even if it is a bit (or very) old. Yes? No?

Thanks as always.

- Charles

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