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Sat Jun 6 22:46:08 CEST 2009

On 7/06/2009, at 5:14 AM, Alan DeKok <aland at> wrote:

> John Dennis wrote:
>> The primary reason to upgrade is the vastly superior features in  
>> the 2.x
>> versions, plus 2.x resolves some issues which were present in the 1.x
>> series. These things will *not* be backported into 1.1.3, it simply  
>> does
>> not make sense.
>  A complete backport would involve upgrading the software to 2.x. :)
>> I currently do not maintain a yum
>> repo for those packages which currently makes this a manual install
>> process, however I could probably set up a yum repo so any upgrades  
>> to
>> those packages became automatic once you install the specially  
>> prepared
>> yum repo config file. Setting up a yum repo for the RHEL and CentOS  
>> 2.x
>> RPMS is not my highest priority task, but I can see how it would be  
>> an
>> advantage for folks so I'll try and get it done in the next week  
>> (but no
>> promises). In the meantime you can just download the RPM's the FAQ
>> points to.
>  It may be useful for us to set up a yum & apt repository on
>  That could simplify things a lot for some people.

I know the opensuse build server has many flavours on it so it's  
pretty "easy" to get packages built for your flavour there. I have  
built an older version of freeradius on there. So the only thing you  
really need to focus on is getting a working spec file for rpm.

>  Alan DeKok.
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