[rad] Re: SOLVED Re: pseudo-newbie exec scripts and session-time

Charles Gregory cgregory at hwcn.org
Sat Jun 13 16:44:56 CEST 2009

On Sat, 13 Jun 2009, Ivan Kalik wrote:
>> ..... I'm really thinking that CentOS screwed up some documentation....
> Could be. They might have packaged server core without examples. ......
> If you want you can download and unpack your version tarball from the
> freeradius site....

Just because I am tenacious, I did this, and lo and behold, there is that 
'scripts' directory you mentioned.... (sigh)

> If you are planning on working with certificates you can download the
> current version and use routines in raddb/certs to create certificates.

Thanks but my needs are really, really basic. Just a custom timer program 
that I needed to integrate with radius to send that Session-Timeout. 
So all's well that ends well. :)

- Charles

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