[rad] Re: SOLVED Re: pseudo-newbie exec scripts and session-time

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Sun Jun 14 17:22:22 CEST 2009

Charles Gregory wrote:
> Five or six huh? Quote them. Paraphrase them. And don't just lamely say
> "check the archives" because I did that when I double-checked that you
> 'had no idea'. I've been up and down this thread a few times now. And
> there is NO posting with clear code like the one I posted in my 'solved'
> post.... Just pedantic demands I upgrade, and vague "look at the docs".

  1) Read my messages.  The text you *deleted* pointed you to
     documentation for the "users" file, and the SQL module.
  2) See the examples in the "users" file.  It contains MANY examples
     of setting values for attributes.  The *hope* is that readers
     can put 2+2 together.  i.e. the "exec" modules does NOT contain
     documentation about how to configure all of the other modules
  3) buy support.
  4) upgrade to 2.x.
  5) install 1.0.x from *source* and look at the examples you were told
     to look at.

> OH, and as a side note, I just double-checked the 'users' file and the
> users man page, and NEITHER of them contain the word 'exec' ANYWHERE in
> any context or usage. So WHERE exactly was I supposed to find the
> instructions to do what I wanted to do?

  The "exec" module.  Did you *really* think that there was an
attributed called "Attribute-Name", as suggested in the comments for the
exec module?  Really?

  You are obviously capable of putting 2+1 together, because you
eventually put "Session-Timeout = `%{exec:...}` in the post-auth
section.  So you *did* understand that the example in the "exec" module
could apply to other attributes.  But you *didn't* put 2+2 together, and
edit the *users* file examples containing Session-Timeout to use the
same `%{exec:..` text.

  I've made it as clear as possible in 1.0.  If you don't like the
documentation there, upgrade to 2.x .  If you don't want to upgrade to
2.x, don't blame *me* for the documentation being bad.  You're the one
whose chose to *not* read the documentation I wrote.

> Yes, yes, version 2.x.... But
> given my

  ... self-imposed ...

> constraints, 'read the docs' was utterly useless.

  Well.. I can't help that.

> I await your QUOTE of '5 or 6' options. I'll presume one of them was to
> upgrade to 2.x so you can skip that one....

  No.  It's an option.  The fact that *you* rejected it is *your* problem.

>>  Is a result, I have *no* idea what you were trying to do.
> Oh, so now it's a word game. You knew what I was trying to do but
> confused by the manner in which I was trying to do it?

  I didn't know if you *really* wanted to solve the problem, or if you
just wanted to find reasons to vent about how bad the software was.
Given the sheer level of energy you've put into *not* following
suggestions, I'd say the answer to that is pretty clear.

> THEY WEREN'T. That's the whole point. I was asking for MORE. Examples.
> A working script and config that did what I wanted. If someone asked
> this question now, I would post my half dozen lines from my config,
> saying, this is one way to do it and be DONE.

  Yet when you *finally* downloaded the source, you found the working
script that you were told to use.  But it took *fighting* you before you
were willing to take that step.

  See?  Given the choice between following instructions and then solving
the problem, *or* fighting, your first reaction was to fight, and to
disagree with the people on this list.

  That seems to be clear demonstration of your goals.

> Really, why weren't the docs in the radiusd.conf or users documentation?
> You say you wrote this stuff. How could you leave something out (and
> then act like it was always there and I failed to read it)?

  You got far enough to put the *correct* configuration into the *wrong*
file.  No documentation or example said that configuration would work.
Many other documentation files and examples said something else would work.

  And despite your complaints, you have carefully *not* responded to
most of my points disproving most of your complaints.  You selectively
read my messages, just like you selectively read the documentation.

  Alan DeKok.

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