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Hi Dogus:

In addition to the radiusd.conf and users file config that I assume you've 
already figured out, you have to define the pool names in raddb/default if 
you're going to use any pool name other than "main_pool".  ie:

         #  Return an address to the IP Pool when we see a stop record.
#       main_pool

Here I commented out "main_pool" and defined two new ones, which I 
configured in radiusd.conf:

        ippool custom_pool {
                 range-start =
                 range-stop =
                 netmask =
                 cache-size = 251
                 session-db = ${db_dir}/db.custom_ippool
                 ip-index = ${db_dir}/db.custom_ipindex
                 override = yes

Then in users:

DEFAULT         Group == vpn_users, Pool-Name :="custom_pool"
                 Framed-Protocol == PPP,
                 Framed-Compression = Van-Jacobson-TCP-IP

Where "vpn_users" is a unix group on the radius server.  Make sure to 
remove the db.* files any time you make changes to the pool addresses. 
You can define as many pools as you want like this.  It's not all readily 
apparent in any docs I found (at least not the first part), but there are 
examples for the pools in radiusd.conf and users file.


On Tue, 23 Jun 2009, Dogus Yalman wrote:

> Hello ;
> New to this great mailing list and the whole linux world so please bare with me. :)
> Im using FreeRADIUS Version 1.1.7 with fedora core 10 and my freeradius frontend is DMA Softlabs Radius Manager.
> http://www.dmasoftlab.com/cont/home
> My clients are authenticating through distrubuted remote pppoe servers on a wireless network.
> I want to use freeradius Ip Pool functionality to assign dynamic public IPs to customers since my frontend doesnt support that feature.
> Is there a step by step approach on how to do it ? is just modyfying the radius.conf and users file is enough? Do i have to create any sql tables for this ?
> Thanks and greetings from Northern Cyprus

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