Disabling users

Marinko Tarlac mangia81 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 21:08:15 CEST 2009

You can use expiration attribute or you can disconnect user with PoD.

DAve wrote:
> Good afternoon all,
> We recently retired our old ICRadius servers and installed FreeRadius. 
> We run two radius servers with a third server acting as master for the 
> radius data and as the accounting server. All is working well.
> Billing has approached me with an issue where they need to disable a 
> user for lack of payment. Previously we simply changed their password 
> through our management system and they were then unable to reconnect. 
> Client calls, pays, we enable them again.
> Currently we are noticing that because of DSL, and the fact we no 
> longer impose any limits on dialup, it may take weeks before a client 
> is disconnected and finds their password has changed.
> I have read through the docs, looked into Session-Timeout and SQL 
> counters, but I do not see how to force a client to re authenticate.
> What am I missing? What config information do I need to provide? What 
> information/manual/how to have I missed?
> Thanks,
> DAve

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