response_window and zombie_period problem

Ivan Kalik tnt at
Thu Jun 25 14:34:21 CEST 2009

> My response_window = 50 > zombie_period=20. So, after 20 seconds, my
> radiusxx Freeradius must consider it dead, and then, I think that
> Freeradius
> can proxy the request until the response_window = 50 time gone. Maybe I'm
> mitaked, so I would like to know how if I'm in an error.

You are mistaken. Server will be considered dead for requests *recieved*
after the zombie period. It doesn't apply for ongoing requests.

>> When a home server does not respond to an Access-Request, the proxy
>> process
>> has failed and the default behavior is to reject the users
>> Access-Request.
>> You can lessen the impact of a dead server by using type=load-balance
>> instead of fail-over for the home server pool.
> Why is lessen the impact using load-balance?

The idea is that only one will die at the time. Fewer request go to the
dead server before it's marked dead - fewer rejects and retries.

>> In 2.1.6 the server can be configured to not respond when it does not
>> receive a response from a home server. This will cause the NAS to retry
>> the
>> request multiple times, which will eventually cause the proxy server to
>> send
>> the request to the alive home server. Let me know if you want to try
>> this
>> and I can send an example configuration.
> Yes, I want to try.

It's there already, you just need to use the policy. See do_not_respond in

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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