Acct Input and Output gigaword

Johan Meiring jmeiring at
Sun Jun 28 09:19:47 CEST 2009

Eric wrote:
> But NAS sends account input and output octets updates and Freeradius has 
> the traffic volume in its database also.  Can't freeradius calculate the 
> volume and invent the gigaword itself?

I think youre misunderstang....

Input/Output octets is a 32 bit number.
Therefore it's maximum is 4294967295 bytes.
That is 4.2GB.

The moment The client uses 4.29G the number will wrap to 0 again.

If the client used 0.1G the NAS will tell freeradius 0.1G.
If the client used 4.39G the NAS will tell freeradius 0.1G.

How must free freeradius know it's 4.39G if it gets told 0.1G?

It cannot know this.
The NAS must tell it! (using gigawords).


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