Configuring Freeradius

Xiaochen Jing xjing at
Mon May 4 18:11:42 CEST 2009

Hello all,

I am doing L2TPNS+FreeRADIUS load test with a third party device. We have
one server running L2TPNS server and FreeRADIUS (v2.1.4) server. 

FreeRADIUS authenticates users from users file and assigns them IPs from IP
pool configured in /module/ippool. 

Test is running pretty good with fewer concurrent sessions (less than 40).
But as long as I start large number of concurrent sessions (say 60 for
example), I can only see FreeRADIUS responding 40 requests. However on
L2TPNS, I can see there are 60 sessions opened in the tunnel. But only 40 of
them have IPs assigned by FreeRADIUS, the rest has no IPs at all, which
reflects that FreeRADIUS only responds to 40 requests.

Does anyone know what would be the reason of this behavior? Is there any
documented load test for FreeRADIUS?

Thanks very much


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