Freeradius for WiMAX Authentication

Kiran Kumar k.k.balasubramanyam at
Wed May 6 11:38:36 CEST 2009

Hi All,


I was interested in knowing if we can use the Freeradius server for WiMAX Authentication. Some of the additional features that would be required are:


1.	Vendor Specific Attributes inclusion in the Radius Messages(I think some amount of this can be done now - but can you tell me how)
2.	Generation of WiMAX Session keys
3.	Support for MSCHAPv2 inner authentication ??
4.	Support for HA ??


Where does the Freeradius server store the accounting records. Is it stored as a raw file or is there some processing done by the server on these records.


Has anyone used Free radius for WiMAX testing before, if so can you give me some pointers on how and what 'more' modifications are needed.


Thanks and Regards,

Kiran Kumar.B

WiMAX Test Engineer




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