Storing user MAC address after first auth

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Thu May 7 13:30:48 CEST 2009

On 7/5/09 10:18, Tomas Mecir wrote:
> Greetings !
> I have the following situation here that I'd like to ask for some
> assistance with, if possible:
> My client has a RADIUS server installed (running freeRADIUS 2.0.5),
> and routers working as hotspots that users can connect to. Users can
> authorize against the RADIUS server using a name/password combination,
> which is stored in a MySQL database (using the rlm_sql module and the
> Cleartext-Password attribute in the radcheck table). This part works
> correctly.
> Now, my client wants an extra check to be added which would allow each
> user to login only from a specific MAC address, which can be different
> for each user, and which is obtained when the user logs in for the
> first time. Checking the MAC address is easy, as the hotspot is
> sending the MAC address in the Calling-Station-Id attribute that I
> could easily store in the radcheck table as well - but the problem is
> that this MAC address is not known when the name/password pair is
> being added to the radcheck table, and I am to make it so that when
> the user is successfully authorized for the first time, there is no
> MAC check, but the user's current MAC address is remembered on the
> server, and further logins are only permitted from that MAC address.
> So, I am thinking that the best solution would be to have the RADIUS
> server add a new "(username), 'Calling-Station-Id', '=', (user's MAC)"
> entry to the radcheck table, right after a successful SQL auth step,
> if such an entry isn't yet in the table.
> And my question is - is there a way to accomplish this with existing
> FreeRADIUS modules, or do I need to implement my own module to do this
> ?

Nope that's trivial, but you'll need to upgrade to the latest version of 
FR. As your using MySQL you can use a bit of MySQL specific syntax.

> Thank you !
> / Tomas
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