Interim Accounting

Ming-Ching Tiew mctiew at
Thu May 21 11:05:55 CEST 2009

--- On Thu, 5/21/09, Ivan Kalik <tnt at> wrote:

> > I just checked Coova chilli, it does it for the
> clients session
> > based on a configurable interval. But for the
> administrative
> > account of the NAS itself, it does not do any interim
> > accounting.
> Why on Earth would it? Are you going to charge
> administrators for using
> your equipment? Or do you actually pay them to do that?

I did not say it does not make sense, did I ?
I just put forward my observations. :)

However, now that you are talking about it, I think 
it's not totally unreasonable to want to get accounting 
update on the 'administrator' account. There maybe
cases where the accounting need to be done on ensamble 
basis of the traffic coming in/out of the whole box.

Any agreement or objection ? 



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