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Lajos Meszaros ludwigm at
Thu May 21 12:20:33 CEST 2009

>Post the output of radiusd -X and your user entry.

The relevant part of the freeradius output is:
rlm_pap: Found existing Auth-Type, not changing it.
++[pap] returns noop
  rad_check_password:  Found Auth-Type DIGEST
auth: type "digest"
+- entering group authenticate
    rlm_digest: Converting Digest-Attributes to something sane...
        Digest-Realm = "tequet"
        Digest-Nonce = "4a1527742cb58a911390a13daeab535c71b92a74"
        Digest-URI = "sip:"
        Digest-Method = "INVITE"
        Digest-CNonce = "1242900340"
        Digest-Nonce-Count = "00000001"
        Digest-QOP = "auth"
        Digest-User-Name = "user8"
A1 = user8:tequet:pass8
A2 = INVITE:sip:
H(A1) = 1a2bb1fd4713741dbc8dcd841b2754c5
H(A2) = 4c2df2005737eb44dbf0c9993285dc46
KD = 
EXPECTED 10c0611670df125d841de06019a0ecd7
RECEIVED 10c0611670df125d841de06019a0ecd7
++[digest] returns ok
Login OK: [599 at<via Auth-Type = DIGEST>] (from client 
port 0 cli 599 at
+- entering group post-auth
++[exec] returns noop
Sending Access-Accept of id 199 to port 40646
Finished request 0.
Going to the next request
The end of the "users" file (its other part is unchanged)
user0   Cleartext-Password := "pass0"

"user8" Cleartext-Password := "pass8"

"599 at"        Cleartext-Password := "pass8"

    Ludwig M.

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