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> Hi,
> > So far I haved followed instructions in the admin.sql file and the used
> the
> > command:
> > mysql -uroot -prootpass radius < schema.sql
> > which creates a database called radius, that I am suppose to fill with
> some
> > dummy data, is this right so far? I also uncommented the line-  $INCLUDE
> > sql.conf, in the radius.conf file.
> > My mysql server is on the same machine as my freeradius server. Is there
> a
> > certain line I should see now when I fire up my radius server in debug
> mode,
> > saying it is using mysql to authenticate clients?
> you've populated SQL with radius table, you've enabled sql.conf to be
> read by uncommenting it..
> yes did that

> now...have you edited sql.conf and the underlying config files
> eg ql/mysql/dialup.conf?
I edited sql.conf file but I didn't do anything to the dialup.conf file, why
should I have, more reading now!

> finally, to use SQL for client AAA you need to uncomment the
> required lines in the server (virtual servers in 2.x) - eg within
> the authorise and authenicate sections (for example)
did this had to read the radiusd.conf file to figure that one out.
so as of right now I used the schema.sql to set up a empty database and made
up some users in there in radcheck. I start my radius server in debugging
mode and mysql server is now being used to authenticate users. I did a
radtest with my users in mysql database and got an access accept message
which is good. I also used ntraping to test and that was successful. This
server right now is not in production, it is just for testing. Right now I
am trying where to go next. should I try using chap instead of pap? Now that
you asked if I edited the dialup.conf file I will do a littel reading.

> alan
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