Freeradius Mysql problem

Ivan Kalik tnt at
Mon Sep 7 10:40:26 CEST 2009

> But the problem arises
> when the mysql server is not working. When the radius accounting server
> lost the connectivity to the mysql server it does not report any kind
> of error. The radius daemon is working fine in the radius accounting
> server. But it does not respond to any requests.

So it isn't "working fine". It's not responding because it hasn't (better
said can't) complete processing of the request (sql is failing).

> Is there any way for me to recognize whether the mysql server is offline
> from the radius server?

You can use buffered-sql virtual server to deal with this - when database
goes down NAS will get the response and accounting data will keep on
piling up in the detail file until database is back on line.

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