FreeRadius is 3 time quicker when running in full debug mode?( -X?option)

mathieu at mathieu at
Thu Sep 10 19:10:33 CEST 2009

> If the rlm_python module is coded like the rlm_perl module and compiles
> the script once and re-runs the parsed code, it will work as well as the
> rlm_perl module and would be a good choice as well. I have not used it
> myself so I do not know any implementation details.
> Regards,
> Ken

Well, I thought, reading from the documentation, that the perl interpreter
was loaded with freeradius, in memory:

"Embedded Perl interpreter"
and also
"Because the perl interpeter is loaded into memory including the script,
it is very fast. You will not be waisting time, waiting for perl to start
up and process the script like in case when you use Exec-Program-Wait with
perl script."

Would that be the same for python? The interpreter would be loaded by
default in memory?
My concern is that i believe the python interpreter (cpython) is not multi
threaded (there's the GIL). So how would that behave with freeradius being
multi threaded?

-- Mathieu

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