Vista PEAP troubleshooting

John Dennis jdennis at
Fri Sep 11 19:41:41 CEST 2009

On 09/11/2009 01:16 PM, Hawkins, Jeff (APLY-MN) wrote:
> I started by just looking into it to see if it would work the way I had
> hoped and that first link had instructions for the exactly what I was
> looking for so I followed them. I could start over fresh or upgrade I
> guess if that would help or solve my problem but I have to admit I did
> rely on the instructions from the site quite a bit. Would a new install
> be similar enough for me to follow?

FreeRADIUS 2.x is vastly superior to 1.x. Most external documentation 
(not from FreeRADIUS) is out of data or simply wrong. You best path for 
success is to use a current 2.x version of FreeRADIUS and use only 
documentation found in the FreeRADIUS distribution, on the FreeRADIUS 
web site (and which is run by Alan DeKok).

Most people do not realize there is a lot of useful documentation in 
FreeRADIUS, they just don't know where to look for it. Quite a bit of it 
is in /etc/raddb in the configuration files and examples).

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