correctly set num_sql_sock in sql accoutnig (Erratum)

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Sep 15 00:13:27 CEST 2009

Alexandre Chapellon wrote:
>>   How long do database writes take?
> insert in acccouting db takes ~ 10ms
> delete from accouting db takes ~ 25ms

  So it can handle roughly 40-100 packets per second, depending on the

> For the authtentication database I have about 10 authentication
> queries/s but regularly reaches 30/s when problems on BAS or DSLAM
> outcome (max value since last year is ~80/s).

  I'd say you're running pretty close to the border of what is stable.
You're OK for normal traffic, but large spikes might cause problems
(delays in writes, etc.)

  If you're planning on growing the number of users you have, I'd take a
look at upgrading the DB.

>>   Generally, you should have as many SQL sockets as threads.
> Thread like in start_servers and max_servers in radiusd.conf?


  Alan DeKok.

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