Redundant SQL

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Thu Sep 17 07:49:39 CEST 2009

Garber, Neal wrote:
> I would like to have redundant SQL modules (that point to 2 different 
> databases that are kept in sync using SQL replication) for the purpose 
> of reading clients at startup and for the dynamic_clients virtual 
> server.  I don’t use SQL for any other purpose.  I’ve tried some 
> things and done some searching and, so far, I haven’t gotten anything 
> to work.  (I do have readclients=yes, dynamic_clients and 
> Huntgrouop-Name lookup working for one SQL server and I believe I know 
> how to get dynamic Huntgroup-Name working for more than one SQL server 
> using unlang, but I’d like readclients/dynamic_clients to try a 2^nd 
> server if the first fails.)
> Is this possible without code changes?
Maybe you should use mysql clustering instead?

Best regards,
 Denis Volkov

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