Lower case to Upper case in Calling-Station-Id at policy.conf

Hilton Guaraldi guaraldi at gmail.com
Fri Sep 18 19:12:34 CEST 2009


I tried $RAD_REQUEST{'Calling-Station-Id'} =
I guess in the sub authorize of example.pl ..............The only file
I saw sub authorize in...
If I am wrong, please help me what is the correct file!

Running radiusd -X nothing happens in MAC address. If it is
00-18-e7-41-ad-c2, it remains the same, not 00-18-E7-41-AD-C2, :-(

Must I "include" example.pl to radius in order to do
$RAD_REQUEST{'Calling-Station-Id'} =
uc($RAD_REQUEST{'Calling-Station-Id'}) work?


2009/9/18 Alexander Clouter <alex at digriz.org.uk>:
> Hi,
> Hilton Guaraldi <guaraldi at gmail.com> wrote:
>> How can I use uc function below in order to change lower case to upper case?
>> Ex. 00-18-e7-41-ad-c2    --->  00-18-E7-41-AD-C2
>> In the policy.conf:
> When I last nosied through the source code there is no way.  I normally
> make sure all the polies are case insensitive *in* FreeRADIUS and when
> things get spat out to my SQL server I slip 'lower(...)' around the MAC
> addresses going in that direction.
> The only other way is to have a Perl script doing the work for you, but
> as you can use case insensitive regex to replace string matching, I
> would say it is not worth it.
> Cheers
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> Alexander Clouter
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