Setting up a virtual server to handle incoming proxied requests

Patric patricrt at
Fri Sep 25 15:03:25 CEST 2009

Alan DeKok wrote:
> Patric wrote:
>> server requests_from_primary {
>>    listen {
>>        ipaddr = *
>>        port   = 0
>>        type   = acct
>>    }
>   Delete that listen section.  It conflicts with the global one.
>   The global one will accept packets on the accounting port, IP *, and
> will look up the client.  If the client is the primary, it will run the
> "requests_from_primary" virtual server.
I see I see, so I would only add a listen section if I were listening on 
a different interface or port?

>>    proxy_requests = no   # Can this be done here? If not how would I
>> disable proxying for this virtual server?
>   You don't "disable" proxying.  You just configure it so that it
> doesn't proxy.
I think I get the proxying now :) proxy_requests = yes just makes the 
server process the detail-combined log right?
So by not writing to the detail-combined you are effectively disabling 
proxying to a specified client.

Thanks guys!

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