EAP with a non EAP Radius server

Ivan Kalik tnt at kalik.net
Sun Sep 27 19:36:02 CEST 2009

> The idea is to use in between a freeradius (Radius n°1) wich will convert
> EAP-Response/Identity from Access Point and will forward  Radius
> Access-Request without EAP message inside to my existing Radius server
> (Radius n°2).
> This weekend, i updated frreradius to the last version 2.1.7. I changed
> configuration files too. But problem didn't change : Radius n°2 receive
> request that it don't know how to manage them.

Post the debug (server startup + request handling).

> This is the last modifications I did :
> Supplicant is configuring for PEAP MSCHAPv2 (I tryied with TTLS but main
> problem is the same)
> *raddb/proxy.conf*
> realm jacques.net {
>        authhost        =
>        accthost        =
>        secret          = secret
> }

Is your username something like user at jacques.net? With a name like that
outer request will get proxied too if you have suffix/whatever enabled.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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