Start Freeradius at boot

Paul.Blalock at Paul.Blalock at
Mon Sep 28 18:24:26 CEST 2009

did you install FreeRADIUS via yum and a repository
or from source?

> Downloaded freeradius-server-2.1.7.tar.gz, extracted to home directory,
> and then ./configure, make, make install.

if from the repsository you should have
a selectable service with eg the standard Fedora system startup tools
- maybe they've decided to call it 'freeradius' or 'freeradius2'
rather than radiusd?

> There is a "Startup Applications" where I can add programs, but it  
> doesn't start
> them until you log on to the machine and this doesn't work unless you log  
> into
> the gui as root.

if from source, then the install part (make install) wont handle your
OS directory - you'll need to copy the script (and maybe edit it
according to install path choices made) from the contrib directory
eg redhat/rc.radiusd-redhat to the correct place - /etc/init.d/

i'd note now that its not just the startup item - theres also a logrotate
script which ties into the system logrotate cron stuff to ensure that  
logs (eg /var/log/radius/ get rotated when needed - eg each day for 90 days

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