Operator-Name not being logged

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at restena.lu
Tue Apr 6 08:22:57 CEST 2010


hm, yes... in disctionary.ascend, there's the group of


attributes which aren't vendor-specifics. They clog up the *IETF* range
of attributes 119-255, and X-Ascend-Temporary-Rtes occupies 126.

That means pretty much every new RADIUS attribute will be hampered in
FreeRADIUS by their hijacking of more than half of the IETF's space! I
noticed that in other conflicting cases, the corresponding attributes
were put into a different .conflict dictionary file, and not by default
included on startup (dictionary.nokia.conflict). How about solving the
problem in this way? And is Ascend's use of their non VSAs still current
in recent products? Looks like rather rude practice to me...


Stefan Winter

Am 03.04.2010 14:33, schrieb Alan DeKok:
> Stefan Winter wrote:
>> But my auth_log stanza logs most of the packet content, but *not* the
>> Operator-Name attribute. Same for the -X output in rad_recv.
>> Then again, it can be processed by the server, because I use it in a
>> xlat later:
>   That means the other dictionaries are over-riding the definition of
> Operator-Name.  Multiple names can refer to the same attribute, but only
> one name is used when printing the "Attr-Name = value" string.
>   What are the attributes in the Access-Request?  Odds are one is an
> Ascend-*... which is the Operator-Name.  Fix the dictionaries so that
> the Ascend attributes are not over-riding Operator-Name.
>> I wonder if there is something "special" about 126 - maybe because it
>> was previously assigned/hijacked by Ascend? I'm talking about FreeRADIUS
>> 2.1.8 here
>   I think I'll see if 2.2.0 can address this issue.  Maybe by specifying
> NAS-specific dictionaries, or something like that...
>   Alan DeKok.
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