eap.conf - tls{private_key_password = whatever}

Peter Carlstedt pc_007 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 15 10:22:54 CEST 2010

Hello everyone, hope someone can answer me quite fast on this one =)

Have tried google it but couldnt find something about it.


Since I want to use peap i need to change the line "private_key_password = whatever" in the tls section to my own private key which I set in the server.cnf file which is used for creating the certs.


What I wonder is which of the passwords is it that it asks for? The input_password or the output_password in the server.cnf file? I have just tested making certs once before and at that time I didnt know which I should use so I used same password for both input and output. Well now I need to know instead which one I should use since I use different password for input and output =)


Hope someone can help.




/Peter Carlstedt

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