Centos Yum Packages

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at lboro.ac.uk
Mon Apr 19 18:15:35 CEST 2010


> Another solution is to stabilize FreeRADIUS such that the need for 
> frequent version upgrades is not necessary. Rather than adding new 
> features focus on bug elimination. Some projects have a stable branch 
> and an "future" branch. The pace of version releases for FreeRADIUS is 
> "brisk". While that has many merits and the FreeRADIUS developers should 
> be applauded for their prolific contributions it also has some 
> downsides, mainly it conflicts with the goals of enterprise stability. A 
> stable branch would be a much better fit for an enterprise distribution 
> such as RHEL.

..and thats about to happen. historically this was FR 2.0.x v's 2.1.x
but all the drive from people was functions...so 2.1.x got the work.
however...and from recent emails..the plan is that 2.1.x will now
curtail new features and will work on bug-fixes....all new exciting
features are to be in 2.2.x 

> spectrum and as a consequence you lose out on the other end. While on 
> the other hand Fedora focuses on the other end. We do both independently 
> (Fedora and RHEL), but we can't do both in one distribution.


i prefer a stable distribution to be one in which the base is solid
and i can run whatever unstable/dodgy/bleeding edge stuff on it that
i want , safe in the knowledge that it wont be the OS to blame when
thigns go bang.

for this reason, the marriage of a RHEL foundation with self-build
packages for end-users services is the ultimate mix.  


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