Users File co-existing with NTLM-Auth

Jonathan Hutchins hutchins at
Wed Apr 21 16:59:02 CEST 2010


>From what little understanding I've gained during this ordeal, it should be 
possible to use two different authentication methods, and in fact to have one 
fail through to the next using the "Fall-Through" = Yes parameter.

I'm having trouble locating it again this morning, but there was a page, 
possibly at that discussed using two auth methods 
for two different NT domains, having one auth to the local Samba server and 
the other auth to a proxy on an AD server.

If you can seperate your users by some characteristic - IP range, 
Domain/realm, then you can use that to direct to different look-ups.  
Otherwise I think I would try to use "files" with a fall-through to "NTLM".

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