cannot get core dump of crashing freeradius

Jakob Hirsch jh at
Mon Apr 26 16:04:07 CEST 2010

Alan DeKok, 04/20/2010 06:21 PM:

>>>> btw, I wonder why is prctl() is not called when debug_flag is set. I
>>>> would have thought that one would want to get a core dump especially
>>>> when running in debug mode.
>>>   It doesn't switch UIDs when in debug mode.  So it inherits whatever
>> AFAICS it does when starting it as root (check in mainconfig.c:532). I'd
>> say a quite common case for debugging is to run freeradius -X as root...
>   OK.

This will become a non-issue when the prctl() calls are moved into the
fr_suid_* functions. :)
Would you like me to prepare a patch for that or would you rather do
that yourself?

Anyway, here's the aftermath: I got my core dump, finally, and it turns
out that we are probably hit by the notorious bug #35 (as I half feared,
half hoped :).
I will try the fix for list_delete() you proposed if I can get to it...

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