cannot get core dump of crashing freeradius

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Apr 26 17:24:27 CEST 2010

Jakob Hirsch wrote:
> This will become a non-issue when the prctl() calls are moved into the
> fr_suid_* functions. :)
> Would you like me to prepare a patch for that or would you rather do
> that yourself?

  Patch, please.  It's just easier.

> Anyway, here's the aftermath: I got my core dump, finally, and it turns
> out that we are probably hit by the notorious bug #35 (as I half feared,
> half hoped :).
> I will try the fix for list_delete() you proposed if I can get to it...

  I'm not sure that will help.  <sigh>

  It's happened enough that I know it's real.  But I have *no* idea why
it's happening:

- there is ONE location in the code where entries get added to the cache
- there is ONE location where they're looked up
- there is ONE location where they're deleted
- all this is done from ONE thread

  So if the request is in the cache, the packet pointer *cannot* be
NULL.  So it's likely not a race condition between threads.  It's not a
mismanagement issue.  It's not a "use after free" memory issue.  <sigh>

  I'll put a fix into 2.1.9 which works around the issue.  It's better
than having the server crash.

  If you don't mind trying things, I can send you some patches which
might help tracking it down.

  Alan DeKok.

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