No Auth in Debian Lenny

Jonathan Hutchins hutchins at
Fri Apr 16 23:09:23 CEST 2010

I'm having trouble getting freeradius to auth for PPTPD and Windows clients.  
The Client was configured to auth to a previous Gentoo server, and was 
working fine.  My test PPTP client is actually a linux box, but configured to 
connect to the PPTPD server as a windows client, other Windows clients could 
connect to the previous configuration.

  I've followed the various howtos to no avail.  Currently running 2.1.8 from 
Debian Lenny Backports it says "No authenticate method (Auth-Type) 
configuration found for the request: Rejecting the user".  It is showing the 
username as "NTDOMAIN\\username".  On 2.0.4 it was having trouble parsing the 
realm from the address, but I can't find where realm strings are configured 
in the current version, and it's not saying anything about the realm in the 

I do get a session debug, which makes me think the problem is not with the 
client config but with the freeradius server.

Debian has split the configuration for mppe into a file in the modules 
directory, and I have enabled mppe there.

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