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Miha Zoubek miha_zoubek at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 8 15:22:10 CET 2010

Thank you for your help!

I included dailup.conf in voip-postpaid.conf.Now I getting different error:
I have put this in tables:
Nas: nasname: intraswitch, shortname: intraswitch, type: other, port: 1812: sercet: b, server: (ip server), nad for comunity and dicription nullRadcheck: id: 1, username: 081609000, attribure: Cleartext-Password, Value: 12345, op: :=Radreply: id:1 , username: 081609000: atributte: Fall-Through, op: =, vaule: yes

Thank you!

ecv: Access-Request packet from host port 38380, id=198, length=206        Acct-Multi-Session-Id = "1291817780502"        Cisco-Attr-130 = 0x683332332d63616c6c696e672d656e74657270726973652d69643d656e74504258        Calling-Station-Id = "81609000"        NAS-Identifier = "intraswitch"        NAS-IP-Address =        3GPP2-Prepaid-acct-Capability = 0x010600000002        3GPP2-Session-Termination-Capability = 1        h323-conf-id = "h323-conf-id=1291817780502"        Vendor-Specific = 0x00000009        Event-Timestamp = "Dec  8 2010 15:16:20 CET"        User-Name = "081609000"        User-Password = "12345"# Executing section authorize from file /etc/raddb/sites-enabled/default+- entering group authorize {...}++[preprocess] returns ok++[chap] returns noop++[mschap] returns noop++[digest] returns noop[suffix] No '@' in User-Name = "081609000", looking up realm NULL[suffix] No such realm "NULL"++[suffix] returns noop[eap] No EAP-Message, not doing EAP++[eap] returns noop[pgsql-voip]    expand: %{User-Name} -> 081609000[pgsql-voip] sql_set_user escaped user --> '081609000'rlm_sql (pgsql-voip): Reserving sql socket id: 24[pgsql-voip]    expand: SELECT id, UserName, Attribute, Value, Op   FROM radcheck   WHERE Username = '%{SQL-User-Name}'   ORDER BY id -> SELECT id, UserName, Attribute, Value, Op   FROM radcheck   WHERE Username = '081609000'   ORDER BY idrlm_sql_postgresql: Status: PGRES_TUPLES_OKrlm_sql_postgresql: query affected rows = 1 , fields = 5[pgsql-voip]    expand: SELECT GroupName FROM radusergroup WHERE UserName='%{SQL-User-Name}' ORDER BY priority -> SELECT GroupName FROM radusergroup WHERE UserName='081609000' ORDER BY priorityrlm_sql_postgresql: Status: PGRES_TUPLES_OKrlm_sql_postgresql: query affected rows = 0 , fields = 1rlm_sql (pgsql-voip): Released sql socket id: 24[pgsql-voip] User 081609000 not found++[pgsql-voip] returns notfound++[expiration] returns noop++[logintime] returns noop[pap] WARNING! No "known good" password found for the user.  Authentication may fail because of this.++[pap] returns noopERROR: No authenticate method (Auth-Type) found for the request: Rejecting the userFailed to authenticate the user.Using Post-Auth-Type Reject# Executing group from file /etc/raddb/sites-enabled/default+- entering group REJECT {...}[attr_filter.access_reject]     expand: %{User-Name} -> 081609000 attr_filter: Matched entry DEFAULT at line 11++[attr_filter.access_reject] returns updatedDelaying reject of request 0 for 1 secondsGoing to the next requestWaking up in 0.9 seconds.rad_recv: Access-Request packet from host port 38380, id=198, length=206Waiting to send Access-Reject to client intraswitch port 38380 - ID: 198Sending delayed reject for request 0Sending Access-Reject of id 198 to port 38380Waking up in 4.9 seconds.
> Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2010 16:29:27 +0700
> Subject: Re: Voip database
> From: work at fajar.net
> To: freeradius-users at lists.freeradius.org
> On Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 2:55 PM, Miha Zoubek <miha_zoubek at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > I have replace voip-postpaid.conf with new one but still the same.
> > I this configuration file (voip-postpaid.conf) is written:
> > uthcheck_table = "radcheck"
> >         authreply_table = "radreply"
> >         groupcheck_table = "radgroupcheck"
> >         groupreply_table = "radgroupreply"
> >         usergroup_table = "radusergroup"
> Perhaps we started on the wrong assumptions.
> What do you intend to use postgresql for? Is it
> (a) only to store accounting data, or
> (b) to store user names/password AND accounting data
> if it's (a), then there should be nothing wrong with your first
> config. You simply need to place user data for "081609000" in whatever
> "database" you choose (whether it's users file, or something else).
> The error could simply be because you haven't define that user yet.
> If it's (b), then you need to forget for a moment that you're using it
> for voip. It doesn't really matter with regards to the problem you're
> facing. Get freeradius working with postgresql first.
> Your debug log says
>       authorize_check_query = ""
>       authorize_group_check_query = ""
>       authorize_group_reply_query = ""
> when the they should not be empty. Fix that first. Worry about the
> rest later, after you fix that.
> The easiest way to do that, IMHO, is forget about voip-postpaid.conf
> and cisco_h323_db_schema.sql for the moment. Stick to the default
> sql.conf, sql/postgresql/dialup.conf, and sql/postgresql/schema.sql.
> AFTER you get it to work, then you can try to get that particular conf
> and sql scheme working. Perhaps the author might be able to help.
> The default sql.conf/dialup.conf and schema should work for voip or
> whatever. Probably not as efficient, but it'd still work.
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> Fajar
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