Assign VLAN

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Dec 9 15:52:35 CET 2010

Rangel, Luciano wrote:
> 	I'm not trying debug logs in switch.

  Then why are you looking at the debug log of the switch?

  Why are you not looking at the debug log of the server?

> 	I simply answered the question of how I knew that my switch received vlan 0 instead 200.

  Did the server *send* VLAN of 200?

  You've looked at the config files, but have been going to great effort
to avoid looking at the debug output.

> 	The help I'm asking is:
> 	I send attribute Tunnel-Private-Group-Id = "200" with Freeradius and send same attribute with ACS. Why switch interpret differently.

  No... you *think* you told FreeRADIUS to send VLAN 200.  But you never
*checked* if it was sending that.

> 	I don´t search the problem. My users file in freeradius is correct, debug logs show that freeradius is send attribute correct.

  You've never posted that.

> 	Why this not work?

  Because the Access-Accept from ACS is *different* than the
Access-Accept from FreeRADIUS.

  If you make the Access-Accept from FreeRADIUS the same as the
Access-Accept from ACS, it *will* work.  There's no magic in RADIUS.

  Use wireshark to look at the packets from ACS.

  Alan DeKok.

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