Break Stream & disconnecting when use freeradius authentication.

Robin freeradius at
Sun Dec 12 19:39:02 CET 2010

Hi Alan, 

I set an interval of 5 minutes in pppoe server to send user's
acctsessiontime etc. to Freeradius. Does it mean after login process, pppoe
server and freeradius still communicate each other?



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Robin wrote:
> Actually after I switch freeradius authentication to RouterOS, the issue
> will disappear.

  Well... the RADIUS server never talks to the PPPoE server after the
Access-Accept.  So *anything* that happens after that is the
responsibility of the PPoE server.

> I just set num_sql_socks from 50 to 256 in sql.conf and set
> from default 100 to 500 in Mysql. It follows that part of issue users'
> report symptom of break stream disappearing temporarily.

  The only way the SQL sockets affect users is *during* the login
process.  If FreeRADIUS can't access the DB because all of the sockets
are in use, it will reject the user.

  If the user gets an Access-Accept, it doesn't matter if there were 50
SQL sockets, or 50,000 SQL sockets.

  Alan DeKok.
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