FreeRADIUS exiting with Signal 11 on FreeBSD

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Dec 21 09:46:19 CET 2010

Danial wrote:
> Here's the full output from gdb:
> #4  0x0806c852 in rad_assert_fail (file=Could not find the frame base for
> "rad_assert_fail".
> ) at util.c:365
> #5  0x0806af44 in request_dequeue (request=0x28542b7c, fun=0xbf9fef8c) at
> threads.c:412

  Ugh.  Something is free'ing the request when it's still queued.  This
*only* can happen when the request is in the queue for more than 30s.

  So... why is your server so slow?  Fix that, and the problem won't be
fixed, but it *will* go away.

  I can take a look at the code, but this is a very odd edge case, and
hard to track down/fix.

  Alan DeKok.

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