FreeRADIUS exiting with Signal 11 on FreeBSD

Hugh Blandford hugh at
Wed Dec 22 05:25:03 CET 2010

Hi Alan, Daniel and all,

On 21/12/2010 19:46, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Danial wrote:
>> Here's the full output from gdb:
> ..l.
>> #4  0x0806c852 in rad_assert_fail (file=Could not find the frame base for
>> "rad_assert_fail".
>> ) at util.c:365
>> #5  0x0806af44 in request_dequeue (request=0x28542b7c, fun=0xbf9fef8c) at
>> threads.c:412
>    Ugh.  Something is free'ing the request when it's still queued.  This
> *only* can happen when the request is in the queue for more than 30s.
>    So... why is your server so slow?  Fix that, and the problem won't be
> fixed, but it *will* go away.
I have been running a network monitoring program on my server, that 
tracks cpu load, free memory.  None of these have moved out of spec.

Load average on the machine hit a high of 0.012.

Since this problem effects a number of different FreeBSD boxes, is there 
something that could be related to the kernel, scheduling, locking etc.  
I'm guessing here so could be totally wrong.  Are the debugs collected 
by Daniel meaningful to a FreeBSD developer or are they totally 
FreeRADIUS specific (yes I'm out of my league here)?

Daniel, one of your emails suggests that you have two servers.  One that 
seems OK and the other that gives the Signal 11 problem.  Do they both 
run the same version of FreeBSD?  Are there differences in the 
scheduling or SMP options in the kernel?  What other differences are 
there between these two machines?

>    I can take a look at the code, but this is a very odd edge case, and
> hard to track down/fix.
>    Alan DeKok.
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